Table Of One……….More

My downtime can be sweet when I really take time to be “in the moment” for what I enjoy. Last week I wandered the famous attraction of Pier 39 in San Francisco although I am not a fan of crowdedness. This was a great place to forget the aspect of “me” and simply enjoy my surroundings of people living in the moment too. A tangible presence of excitement, expectation and wonder filled the atmosphere.

While I enjoyed a gifted musician sharing his songs, the scents of wonderful flavors permeated my senses, and I longed to taste some of these morsels. Although there were plenty of “quickie” food joints, my mood was low key. I chose an Italian restaurant closer to the end of the pier on the second level. It didn’t drip snob, but still offered white cloth napkins and atmosphere to feel pampered. The view also helped this be an easy choice. When the hostess took my request for “table of one” without blinking an eye, I knew I’d enjoy this place for my brief experience. Seating me at a small table, there was a chair on the other side, room for one more.

Tonight I listened to a talk about how the Lord’s table is like this. He is inviting us into a mighty banquet and He’s made sure there are seats for all who would come. My mind was drawn back to that empty seat across from me in that fine restaurant. My absolute desire at the time was not to have sat alone; I had truly wanted someone else sitting in the seat, enjoying the wonderful experience with me.

My heart is still the same. I never want to experience something so wonderful without others. I want everyone to join in this special banquet the Lord offers…

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