Without Time Constraints

Last week at this time I was playing in the city rather then fighting traffic. I have no issues with public transportation so I enjoyed the ferry, taxis and cable cars. I have to say I stopped short with the buses simply because I wasn’t in the mood to schedule anything, not even my time to wander.

Getting home today was a hot affair with temps clearly touching upper levels; made me think of that bay breeze and sitting at sidewalk cafes taking in the atmosphere. Finding enough time to do the things I enjoy versus doing the things I have to is a constant battle I face. In another life I could be quite irresponsible and even now I struggle some days wanting to pick up my cell to phone in my “no show”.

Maturity is schooling me but it’s not an age thing. It’s a maturing of the heart. I now know when it’s time to do what I must versus when it’s time for me to play. I am anticipating the life I will lead without time constraints….

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