Can I Be That Kind Of Friend?

Friendships are intriguing things to ponder. I can say I have many friends but personal relationships which go into the deeper things, I have few. When I wonder about my heart, I look to the word and find what it is I am needing to examine closely.

Jonathan’s friendship with David fascinates me. Jonathan was clearly to be king and in an oath to David, Jonathan relinquished his throne to David who would become king instead. Jonathan died on the battlefield with his father and king, Saul.

Even in death, this friendship never lost it’s oath to each other. David served as king but he also sought out Jonathan’s crippled son and invited him to spend the remainder of his days at the king’s table, part of his family.

Their relationship has me looking deep within myself. How far am I willing to go for a friend? How much do I love them? Would I give them everything I had in promise and material? Would I give them my life?

John 15:13 (Message) This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends.

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