“If You Could Read My Mind”

Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song years ago called, “If You Could Read My Mind” I always found touching in the deeper parts of myself. It always reminds me of the things that are often hard for some of us to do….talk openly of everything we have in our thoughts. Wouldn’t it be great if others just got us? If we never had to explain ourselves? If those we loved and cared about could just know who we were and see into our very hearts?

I understand there is some appeal to the great mystery of getting to know others but I am ready to move on to the “knowing” others already. No facades, no false expectations, no unnecessary explanations.

“If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell”….Gordon Lightfoot

Pick Up The Phone

I hung the phone up and looked at my clock. I didn’t make the cut off time I had anticipated for bed but it no longer mattered. Sleep seemed like such a waste of my valuable time but my body didn’t agree with my mind.

I lay still for a while going back over memories from a few years ago, when I avoided phones and especially conversations. Actually it was a hit and miss thing whether I would pick up the phone to talk to anyone. I kept so much hidden I didn’t have anything to really talk about.

Today I honestly can’t remember the last time I avoided a call. My take on it is that if someone is taking time out of their life to reach out to converse then I need to take a few minutes to answer.