Living My Love Out Loud

I was thinking about those I love today and how time and distance can seem to just fill up the space between us all. It’s hard to maintain close relationships if we are unaware of what is happening in each other’s lives. What is making us laugh, hurt, hope or fail? These are things that matter.

A conversation earlier today with a friend had me agree in empathy but not in truth. She lamented it hurt too much to think about her family members, so would rather not think or talk about them at all. I understood her inner ache and I even understood why she would make such a decision. It doesn’t agree with my heart though. If I don’t long to be near those I love, if I don’t think about them, talk about them and especially pray for them, then how can I possibly be living my love out loud?

I will not be bound by time or space. I will walk in the freedom of my love and rejoice in my ability to express it no matter where my physical body may be at the moment.

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