Homogenized People

Everywhere I look I am surrounded by eyes. I’m speaking about my office of course. You see, as I have mentioned I can be immature so I don’t have the surroundings others might expect. If it’s fun or challenging to my thoughts then I pretty much have it on my walls. Lots of movie posters left over from the days our son worked as a manager at a local theater complex. Easy pickings you might say.

Now and again, I think it’s time to change the walls but I don’t have a clear vision as to what that might look like, so I am consistent to welcome the eccentric. Creative thinking can be pretty stepped on in our society practices and I long for more “outside the box” type mentality.

Everything from our work places, cars, homes, schools and yes…churches seems to be pretty routine. Looking around the world our Lord created, everything pretty much shouts at us we are supposed to be different! Who keeps trying to homogenize us?

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