Set It On Fire!

Set It On Fire

Okay so it’s finally happened! We invited a guest to dinner and at some point in the evening we were told she thought of us as parental figures! You know what that means don’t you? We are seen as “older”, no longer in their peer group. I could only grin about it but my husband took it like an arrow to his machismo. I’m just glad he has a great sense of humor and can roll with a good punch.

Our grown son now has a young son of his own so we get to be a voyeur into his life while he raises this young one into a little man. We don’t get to be part of this daily adventure since they live in another state. What we have noticed is how often our heavenly Father keeps bringing young men and women into our daily lives.

These young men and women are enjoyable and when I am around them I sense a fire within. Hopes, dreams and possibilities are all there simmering like hot coals. My favorite joy is to encourage these into the burning hot flames they are meant to be so they can go into the world and set it on fire!

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