Finish The Conversation

I could hear someone sit down in the chair behind me. It was time to head back to my desk so I gathered my journal and phone together and started to walk past them without looking. I tend to give people some privacy when they are catching their break at work. I heard her say, “Hey Debra” and I stopped to say hello but I knew I only had a minute.

I had thought about her son the night before and felt I needed to see his picture. Kind of an odd notion but I followed the thought and asked if she had one at her desk. She was laying on her back as we were chatting and I recognized a sadness in her eyes. In mere moments she shared some personal information I knew was breaking her heart because I could feel the weight of it in my own.

She had her cell phone with many photos of her son which she showed me one after another. I was so torn inside. My job responsibilities would not let me stay and I had to tell her so, but as I walked away I started to pray desperately for my heavenly Father to come and finish the conversation and give her some comfort.

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