“My Memory Serves Me Far Too Well”

I was half listening to whatever music I had in my deck today and a line I heard made me reach over and turn it up….”my memory serves me far too well.” Ouch, I thought, how true for my days lately. My deepest desire at times is to leave every unfavorable memory behind me, buried forever, but that’s just not happening.

I found myself giving thought to the Titanic actually. How loud it must have been breaking apart and filling full enough with weighted water to sink forever beneath the waves. Nothing will raise that beast of a ship again. It’s a beautiful thought for some of the bad memories I can liken to the size of the Titanic.

About the time I am feeling the weight of my own memories start to take me under, someone will come into my vision suddenly. My Father is at work again. He finds unique ways to answer my cries for help. When I cry out to Him for comfort and His arms to hold me, He will instead use me to reach out my arms to comfort another and hold them as they share their brokenness.

Walking away from such moments, I am filled with wonder. It’s in the giving away of the very thing I asked my heavenly Father for, that I myself am comforted.

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