Chatting In The Small Moments

My alarm rang too early for my body to want to respond, but my mind was already speaking out to the Lord, His good and mighty word! I’d like to say I finished my prayer but truth be told, I slipped back into an unconscious state rather quickly. This action repeated itself about three times before I finally let my feet hit the floor. It still took a good minute or two under a wet shower before I was finally awake. Even in these moments I take up my prayer right from where I could remember drifting off.

I don’t know how else to live my life these days except in the honest frailty of my human nature. My Father knows everything about me so there is no sense in putting on some phony stench of “holy” countenance. I don’t always drop to my knees, I don’t always lay with my face in my carpet of dog hair, I don’t always even know what I should speak. Sometimes the moments I have in His presence are those I spend chatting with Him about what most would call, “the little things”.

“Hey Father, you know I had a rough day at work yesterday and I wasn’t very patient with that dude from Nigeria. How should I have dealt with him better Abba?”

“Daddy, I want to give something to you today, will you open my eyes to see how it can happen?”

“My ironing is taking too long Father, can you give me some favor in traffic?”

“Wow, this is an awesome song Lord, can we hear it again?”

My personal favorite…..”thank you Father for how much patience you have given me to be nice to my husband’s cat!”

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