The Empty Building

The building is now empty and boarded up. If I hadn’t of been in the area I would’ve forgotten of its existence altogether. I can still remember the first time it was built, a huge building on large empty grass lot with nothing else for acres. Now the largely grown trees surrounding it conceal its blight from nearby thoroughfares.

I don’t know what made me pull into the parking lot surrounding it but I parked beneath a huge shade tree and got out to sit in the grass for a spell. With my pen and paper in hand I began to remember it in its heyday. Cars would crowd the outer parking and you could hear loud raucous music pouring out into the night. I can’t say I ever went in when it was open; nothing attracted me to the place at the time.

Looking at it now I can only wonder what new life is coming to this place and so many others? For sure there is a new thing coming to many places.

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