Pulling Me Into The Swell

The ocean’s waves I desire to see and in a few weeks I have plans to soak myself in them, but for now I must use my recollection of memories. There is something so soothing in how waves ebb and flow, keeping such a steady rhythm. The many times I sat on beaches I found peace up until the storms hit. These I quickly retreated from to more solid ground where the sand couldn’t be washed away from beneath my feet or a wave wash over me, pulling me into the swell.

As I live my life in the fullness of who I am to be, I have taken note of how many storms can come upon me. Some are so unexpected I have no time to take to cover; I am sucked under a raging wave dragging me into its maw. My natural instinct is to thrash about kicking and flailing but it’s not until I surrender to the King of peace do I find myself delivered, threats diminishing once more.

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