Mustard Field


Leaving behind the city limits I drove without destination in mind. I stopped near large fields of mustard and parking my car I got out to walk around for a while. I was taking in the quiet where the only conversation to be heard were the birds chirping and sharing their songs.

There was a dirt road nearby and as I so often do, I wondered where this road led to? Reflecting upon where I’ve been lately I stood there in the silence wishing I could have enough time to explore more roads. In the distance I could see sunshine begin to light up the foothills.

Cars would occasionally pass by in a hurry to get somewhere. I used to be in a hurry too. Now as I learn to slow down, I have opportunities to see more. There was so much beauty to be enjoyed looking at the empty fields and large clouds above being moved by the wind. I began to sing, letting the wind carry my song into the heavens.

Slivers Of Time


One day….one hour….one minute….one second…..Wow, don’t we all have moments like this? I often refer to this as living on the edge when the edge is literally on us!

I often wonder about the razor cutting slivers of time off our life clock……yep, I need to pay attention.

High Road

Taking the high road doesn’t feel as good as it sounds. You’d think your perspective would be “so above it” but instead, as you slog through, your feet feel heavy and tired from the slime and mud trying to stick to you.

I felt side swiped today by persons whom I keep trying to love and support, even when they act anything but lovable. I had to take myself to a quiet spot and cry over this one to my heavenly Father. My soul felt wounded in my integrity and character. As I talked to my Father the tears came and the death of my pride began once more.

As I walk this high road sometimes I feel alone but then I remember it’s a journey and I will run into my help mates just up around the bend.

1 Pet 4:8  And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”

The Odd Day With Saul

We all have the odd days, and I have to say mine spun multiple directions in ways I still am not sure what to make of. I’d have to say the major portion of it was pretty good with a couple of surprises thrown in from my heavenly Father. I am a head shaker for sure when He has me meet up with strangers for “divine” moments. I consider myself pretty shy but when He’s moving me, I have but one response…..”go along for the ride and do what is asked of me“…

Today my divine meeting was with a man named Saul. In my whole life I have never actually met anyone who had that name but I certainly am familiar with the characters in the bible. When he spoke his name I instantly knew Abba was up to something, so I shook my head and just smiled again. Even the timing, circumstances and place I met him were interesting.

I was blessed to pray for this young man and afterwards he thanked me and I shook his hand. Walking away I felt giddy and asked my Father, would I see that young man again on the other side of this life?

Friends By A Fire

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a fire?”  C.S. Lewis

I liked this thought very much. I have experienced some wonderful moments just being in the presence of others who have the same heart for Christ as I do. The love level is raised to new heights I had never experienced before.

Chipmunk Voices Out Of The Stereo

My car usually has a dozen or more cds at any given time for reasons that are obvious when one commutes. A couple weeks back however odd things started happening with my stereo. It seemed to have a mind of its own and would start fast forwarding songs at chipmunk voice speed.

I thought I’d live with it for a while and threw my backup mp3 deck under the seat with a set of buds if I got desperate. My husband drove this weekend and flat out told me, “this is unacceptable!” I have to say it amused me. I adore the side of him that is so decisive and confident.

I had to catch a ride home today since he took my car to go handle business. There was a time not that long ago I would have agonized about not being the one to make choices and decisions but I have to admit there is much relief at not having to deal with the store scene. My commute tomorrow ought to be interesting….

Spending My Passion

Yesterday surprised me with its chilly air but I put on some layers and went to Davis with a friend to check out the farmer’s market. My favorite days are the kind where I am free to do whatever comes my way. There was something so relaxing to feeling the sun’s warmth on me in the car and have a window down to feel the cool breeze. I didn’t have to drive so I was free to let my whole being just be in the moment.

One of the more interesting observations I made was at a booth where yarn was for sale, but not like anything I’ve seen in the chain stores. There were hats being sold made from wool that looked so soft. On one of the hats was an image of a lamb you could only see if you were looking for it.

Behind the table was an elderly woman working a spinning wheel. Her eyes did not look up to see me or anyone else for that matter. She was quite old and it was obvious she gave all of herself into making this yarn and the clothing items. The beauty of her clothes took on a unique quality when I understood how much of her passion went into making these.

I walked away from her thinking about passion. The passion of really giving yourself fully to what you love, all the things you love to do, all the people you love. I want to live a passionate life where I hold nothing back in reserve but have spent myself completely.

Pinapple Sage

Wandering through a farmer’s market in Davis today my mind kept being led back to “pineapple sage” every time I looked at fresh herbs. I don’t use the stuff but it smells so wonderful my imagination takes off with possibilities.

Possibilities is what life is all about….yes?


Background noise can distract me when I write so I am partial to silence. In the days we are living however, I need to accustom myself to the din around me and still be able to accomplish what I am purposed to do. This is not an easy task if I set myself inflexibly upon my “customary ways”.

How do we come to the place of “custom”ary except by expecting the same thing day in and day out? Without notice we begin to get used to things around us and things we expect to always be the same, we call them habits! Mind you some are good, but the unbending nature is not teachable. Let me be more blunt and ask a straightforward question… many of us have heard the phrase “they have a stick up their…”?

No question about what is being referred to and none of us ever want to be the one this description is spoken of? I thought not. Moving on however takes some self-examination. Am I set in my ways? Am I willing to change? The bigger question is….do I want to learn a new thing? I have to admit I like some of the things I have become “accustomed” to but if it means I am to miss out on the adventure of life itself, I’d rather be a traveler into a “less comfortable” existence of not knowing what’s around the corner of my life.


Don’t you just love old buildings with huge doors on them? I am ever curious to know what’s behind them. These days I am seeing more doors open in so many ways. Opportunities, friends, places to go, things to see. Every day I look for the door I am to walk through….what an adventure.