Pathway Gesture


Trekking up a shaded path just relaxing and pushing myself on feels pretty good. I sense it’s more than a physical test but rather a need to keep moving forward. Sometimes I just need to have that outward experience of an inside thought. Since I can’t always see the fullness of my thoughts it’s nice to see something manifested in following a trail to its end.

My husband was with me this afternoon and he likes to tease me that I can be rather driven so I tried to have an easier pace. He likes to shoot (camera folks) the local wildlife. Now mind you I don’t mean lions and tigers and bears but today it was some miniscule lizard! Just stopping and waiting patiently for him to get the “right shot” was pleasing to him so I didn’t mind the hold up.

On the way back we came across a scene that bothered us. Several days earlier we had seen some teens on a steep hill using cardboard to surf a slick grassy area. Seemed harmless enough and we didn’t want to bother them so we kept moving. Today we saw all the leftover trash of the cardboard strewn about this hill, no teens in sight.

My first thought was sadness at seeing the trash and wondering if anyone would clean it up. A second thought followed just as quickly….”why don’t you?” I stopped and looked at my husband. I won’t tell you the full conversation, but he loves me enough to have trekked up and down that steep hill to help me pile all the trash near the pathway at the bottom. There was too much and it was too bulky to take with us, but we hope the gesture will draw enough attention to have others help us do what needs to be done. If not we will carry some trash bags with us for a couple of weeks.

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