New Band On The Block

There’s a new band on the block and lucky us get to have them practicing right next door. Learning to have even more patience is testing me again. Most of me just wants to knock on the garage and give them a truthful review so they will disband right then and there, never again to pick up a guitar pick. I wonder if it would be doing them a favor to smash the dream before it ever takes a foothold?

Nah, I’m pretty sure that thought is “wrong” but lacking maturity I took it out to play with it for a few minutes anyway.

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  1. The best way to handle this is to introduce yourself. Hang out and listen to a song, have a beer (if they are of age of course). After you have softened them up with complements or constructive criticism it is not impolite to lay down some guidelines like acceptable practice hours and noise levels. I was in one of these bands and the neighbors would actually come and listen for fun. It’s a great opportunity for neighborhood bonding.

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