Shock Or Confession Value…You Decide

Rebellion! Acts of defiance! What do these look like today? Once again, all I can offer are insights into my own life which I’m sure vary in wide degrees to all of yours. I have a struggle to be totally open but it’s only in such sacrificial acts of my privacy do I truly offer myself over to the freedom I deeply desire to step into.

Tonight, I’d have to confess my defiance is rather tame for what I am capable of. I tried to fill my aggressive attitude with words that agree with my aggravation. (For the guessers in the crowd, no I didn’t mean cursing!) I could fill this page with tantalizing tidbits of other acts but I had to stop and ask, why? Would I be helping anyone with my details that I can sin with the best of them, or would I be offering tales for “show”!

Shock value has mass appeal to the world and confession has healing value to ourselves. Where do we decide what that line is? I can only offer the questions but it’s you who have to answer for yourselves.

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