Mustard Field


Leaving behind the city limits I drove without destination in mind. I stopped near large fields of mustard and parking my car I got out to walk around for a while. I was taking in the quiet where the only conversation to be heard were the birds chirping and sharing their songs.

There was a dirt road nearby and as I so often do, I wondered where this road led to? Reflecting upon where I’ve been lately I stood there in the silence wishing I could have enough time to explore more roads. In the distance I could see sunshine begin to light up the foothills.

Cars would occasionally pass by in a hurry to get somewhere. I used to be in a hurry too. Now as I learn to slow down, I have opportunities to see more. There was so much beauty to be enjoyed looking at the empty fields and large clouds above being moved by the wind. I began to sing, letting the wind carry my song into the heavens.

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