The Odd Day With Saul

We all have the odd days, and I have to say mine spun multiple directions in ways I still am not sure what to make of. I’d have to say the major portion of it was pretty good with a couple of surprises thrown in from my heavenly Father. I am a head shaker for sure when He has me meet up with strangers for “divine” moments. I consider myself pretty shy but when He’s moving me, I have but one response…..”go along for the ride and do what is asked of me“…

Today my divine meeting was with a man named Saul. In my whole life I have never actually met anyone who had that name but I certainly am familiar with the characters in the bible. When he spoke his name I instantly knew Abba was up to something, so I shook my head and just smiled again. Even the timing, circumstances and place I met him were interesting.

I was blessed to pray for this young man and afterwards he thanked me and I shook his hand. Walking away I felt giddy and asked my Father, would I see that young man again on the other side of this life?

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