Background noise can distract me when I write so I am partial to silence. In the days we are living however, I need to accustom myself to the din around me and still be able to accomplish what I am purposed to do. This is not an easy task if I set myself inflexibly upon my “customary ways”.

How do we come to the place of “custom”ary except by expecting the same thing day in and day out? Without notice we begin to get used to things around us and things we expect to always be the same, we call them habits! Mind you some are good, but the unbending nature is not teachable. Let me be more blunt and ask a straightforward question…..how many of us have heard the phrase “they have a stick up their…”?

No question about what is being referred to and none of us ever want to be the one this description is spoken of? I thought not. Moving on however takes some self-examination. Am I set in my ways? Am I willing to change? The bigger question is….do I want to learn a new thing? I have to admit I like some of the things I have become “accustomed” to but if it means I am to miss out on the adventure of life itself, I’d rather be a traveler into a “less comfortable” existence of not knowing what’s around the corner of my life.

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