Meaning, Purpose And Intentionality

Guest writer Tina Orduno

Many of us know the logical reason we do the things we do. But we don’t know the purpose behind what we are logically doing day after day.

We’ve established our plans, goals, and action steps that fit into our strategies. But we haven’t taken time to figure out why what we do really matters.

Do you know deep in your heart that what you do, and who you are, really matters?  To who?  For what?  And really-why?

There is a draw in this deafening economic silence to search for what really matters. I love this, of course, because this is where next-level living begins. What matters most to you?

Relationships are the key. What you do for others is the only thing that truly matters in the end. As I mentioned, because things have slowed and gotten simpler, there is a space in our lives that opens up. Suddenly you can’t medicate the relationship pain/gap with money, busy living, and success. This leaves an obvious space. Look at your own life, now that you have more time to think and feel. The holes you try desperately to keep hidden are probably exposed right now.

So now is the time to exercise your choice. You can feel the emptiness, address the source, and discover your purpose. Or you can find a new way to numb yourself with more self-medicating than ever before. Medicating the gap is a protection we all use to some degree. If only we can come clean and admit it, we can be free to live our purpose.

Where are you getting your purpose, your joy, and your fulfillment? What is the name of the well you are drinking from right now? Every day you drop your bucket into this well-and up comes what? Remember, what you are drinking, you are becoming. And until you examine what is that well, you have no idea what you are depending on to bring you life. Is your well toxic? Is it intoxicating? Is it refreshing? Is it stagnant? Is it full of you? What is in your well?

After you to consider what well you are drinking out of, then either drink deeply-if it is the life-giving sustenance you are living for. If not, then let’s dig a new well! Let’s dig deep for what matters. NOW IS THE TIME. You have time. Everyone can make time right now to do the things that will pay off for the long run. Now is the time to invest in your personal growth so when the next boom hits you are strong, healthy, and confident that indeed you are living your life’s purpose.

“What mankind wants is not talent; it is purpose.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 1803-1873, British Novelist, Poet

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  1. When a person is alive in this world only God knows what a soul is thinking and that is one of the beauties of God and that is why the Lord is judge.

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