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I stopped at the side door and just shook my head. It was a deluge outside and I wondered at the timing of this recent release. I had no coat with me, nor an umbrella. I had actually been hoping the weather would hold so I could take a walk alone on some trail. With a final resolve I shoved the door open and started to hurry to my car, but slowing my steps the rain pelted me. Looking at my sleeves I could see it wasn’t just rain but like snow cone ice slush. Part of me wanted to stand there and let it soak me; however I worked in a building with three stories of office windows. Eccentric is welcome, crazy might be suspect.

The drive home was the usual stop go action between the fool hardy and the overly cautious. My mind was already spinning to fulfill a desire. With so much going on inwardly all I wanted this hour was to feel something outward. The clouds were still pouring out a steady rain so as I neared my home I took advantage of the stop lights to take off my shoes and socks. I tucked away my phone and Bluetooth, not so much to protect them but more that I wouldn’t be interrupted.

Coasting into my driveway I remembered to turn my stereo down so “the man” wouldn’t know I was home and try to rush me inside in his gentlemanly fashion. This moment was for me alone. I opened the car door and put my bare foot on the wet cement. It was exquisitely cold so I quickly hopped out the door so both of my feet could enjoy the sensation together. I scooted around the front of my car which I had tried to park in such a way to give me some privacy.

When I was sure I was alone from prying eyes, I stood still letting the rain cover me. I could feel each drop on my head, through my clothes, tapping my arms, legs and the tops of my bare feet. I wanted to feel more so I extended my arms out from my side with my palms up letting this water run between my fingers. When this wasn’t enough I turned my hands over and let myself be touched more by this precious wetness from heaven. Needing more still, I let my face look upwards into the clouds until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, my hair was getting heavy with this rain. This was just the kind of soaking I needed to make me “feel” touched by the heavens.

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