Winged Words

Our words carry so much weight and yet most of us don’t stop for even a second before we let fly with whatever comes into our pretty little heads. I have this picture in my head of seeing words with wings. Often what we speak is so much fluff the “little wings” carry them off into the breeze never to be seen again because they just didn’t say anything.

Other times the words coming out are so negative and pointed they fly full speed at others like a honed arrow making sure to land square in the middle of that person’s hopes and joy, leaving a flesh wound.

The truly blunt words offered from a place of pure poison fly out of the lips with muscular wings ready to land on the intended and beat them down so hard they may never recover, but instead carry that beat down for the remainder of their days.

The sweetest words we could ever speak are sent with love. These words fly about the person like a natural fluttering of beautiful butterflies, ever gentle to land upon them. When I am listening to my heavenly Father’s words, all I desire is to hear more. I want to be covered in precious butterflies.

Psalm 119:103  How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

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