Is The Price Right?

Another Christmas has come and gone. In a mere few days a new year will roll over on our calendars. 2009, what does that mean? What are we really hoping for? A new president will soon take the international stage of public figures and be setting the example for how our great nation should be run.

I haven’t had time to digest any changes. I suspect just getting through day to day matters has kept me preoccupied. I would think that is also what is keeping the rest of America preoccupied as well. We are looking at the changes in our prices.

I haven’t gone shopping in a while but let me vent for just a few minutes. I have a nearby grocery store and in a time when gas prices have dropped by $2 a gallon our grocery prices have stayed not only steady but have gone up. I actually found myself angry when I stood in the produce section. You see this nearby grocery store has really tried to hoodwink the consumer with potatoes. Potatoes have not had a blight but yet our neighborhood store has seen fit to give us bags that offer 2 pounds less and yet our prices have gone up significantly.

My husband and I are blessed to still both have jobs but my anger is righteous. If I am this upset, what are my other neighbors feeling who have been let go from their job? How can a single mother feed her children when being gouged? How is the husband who is a sole provider consistently put food on the table if prices are so unfair?

I have to admit in this hour I long for the corner grocer who knew his neighbors and they were also friends. The business man with a heart to be able to make a living but not suck the life out of his community. May the local farmer come to resurgence and the greedy businesses who only see numbers on the bottom of a page be dismissed!

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