Flu Shot Day

I had an appointment today to visit one of those sprawling hospital complexes and of course I was armed with only the minimal information provided by my doctor’s office, a time and a place. This complex was undergoing construction so signs were not well placed and as it turns out, today was “flu shot” day! I could see before me a forked road. The one path would lead me to irritation and shortness of temper. The other would take me in patience and gratitude for living in a country where we can receive health care.

My experience was not very pleasant and it felt as though I had to walk a mile of hallways in large crowds to get where I needed to be. Through it all however I had chosen to remain pleasant and friendly. Now I don’t know if my attitude touched anyone today but I found something wonderful. This attitude touched me. I stayed relaxed and calm while some monstrosity of an x-ray machine spun around my brain.

I wonder what my doctor will see on the x-rays but inwardly I am hoping he will see the outline of the happy face symbol.

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