All Or None

In the book of Acts when Paul was a prisoner on the ship that ran into a storm and the ship was in danger of sinking, the Lord gave instructions that no one was to bail out. It was all to be saved or none! I have often given much thought to what that represents and I see a parallel in how we are expected to respond in this time of uncertainty.

During economic hardship for friends and family who are clearly struggling for financial balance and sometimes even survival, we have to rethink who we are. Do we react in fear and hold onto what we have or do we see with real vision? Isn’t it time to realize all of us are in the same boat? It shouldn’t be about the “haves and the have nots” but it should be about meeting someone else’s need if you have it. I know that doesn’t agree with the world’s point of view but how does one change the world but one act of kindness at a time? For all the greed, corruption, selfishness and unrighteousness seen, if you look close enough you will also see those breaking through to an eternal plan. The one that says to love others as yourself.

I keep remembering the sinking ship and have determined I must give my all to help others, without such thinking none of my life matters.

Matt 22:39b …”You shall love your neighbor as yourself”

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