Maturity And Stitches To Weave Love

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Maturity comes with time and our eagerness to get there does nothing to help us. Maturity comes at its own pace and often times only experience can bring it about. I am awed by the persons who just seem to be born with maturity. Mine was born of experiences, some good, some bad. I think about this when I try and process my relationships. My family was so splintered by the negative impact of an enemy we couldn’t really see with our natural eyes. This enemy would try to destroy us all and was quite creative but also repetitious in how it came at us.

I have had some wonderful conversations recently with friends and family. It’s funny how these relationships ebb and flow with seasons. I liken them to waves of the ocean. When we are near, the spray and sound is wonderful and fulfilling. When we are away we can still hear the sounds in the distance and our memories keep the heart stirred up, longing to be together again soon.

I look at my once splintered family and now with eyes opened beyond the natural sight, I begin to see the strands of love weaving us back together. With each stitch there is a tightening in our fabric of love, making us stronger. I love these stitches…..the phone call, the taking someone where they need to go, the sharing of funds, sharing our time, sharing our homes.

Weave us Father into the tapestry of each other’s lives, together as we were meant to be. Keep us in the place of absolute Love.

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