Spiders & Snakes

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As a child I can recall watching some entertainment show where a singer had a catchy tune with the phrase “I don’t like spiders and snakes and that ain’t what it takes to love me like I want to be loved by you.” Yeah, I’m shaking my own head at why such a lyric stayed with me all these years. Good advertising for why we should be so careful about what we ourselves allow to be poured into our own “impressionable” sponge brained children. Imagine all those adults later in life who will be belting out to their grandchildren and beyond, “who let the dogs out!”

My husband found a rather intimidating (to us anyway) spider at our doorway today and decided to replant it elsewhere. I won’t say how the replant went as it’s much more rewarding to any reader to let his own mind go where it may. Something made me wonder however about why some creatures cause us anxiety. Now the snake I get since it’s been written into our own history but why spiders? Why do most of us naturally react with unease at arachnids?

I don’t often have answers but I am full of questions. What if our reaction is a natural response to something deeper than our own understanding? Just curious!

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