Remember The Poor

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Let’s talk about the economy. How many people do you know who are terrified in this moment about what will happen next? I was watching BBC News America yesterday and they had a small blip about the “newly homeless” fallout of the recent economic trends. I have to say it was ironic to hear them speak about, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” I found myself wondering about the other homeless poor who we have been ignoring for years because they didn’t look like our “middle class” selves. Why has no one been down to the park with a microphone in hand to find out why they are sleeping in their cars?

We really need to adjust our thinking as a nation. We need to see all the poor and I mean really see them. What would it take for the wealthiest nation on earth to open her charitable hearts up? Do we really need a wake-up call from above in order to shake us out of our complacency? How comfortable can you really be if you have six coats in your closet and one of the poor has none? How many pairs of shoes do we need in our closet when there is someone who has none?

It’s a sobering reality check to look around our homes and really take inventory. What if everyone who has plenty shared even a small portion of what they had with someone who had nothing? How many lives could be changed? Hope doesn’t necessarily mean putting a bible in someone’s hand, sometimes hope is feeding someone who has been praying to God for a meal because they are so weak and tired. In that meal, they would know there is a God who answers pray and you were the one he used.

I truly love the power in prayer but every now and again I am reminded to get off my knees and go be someone’s answer to prayer. Soon I hope it won’t just be now and again but that it would be a consistent way of life and not just for me, but for all the saints.

Gal 2:10 They desired only that we should remember the poor, the very thing which I also was eager to do

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