Humble Face

It’s no secret I am not for beating people up. Matter of fact a very dear friend of mine once called me a fence dweller in not so many words. At the time she was basically stating that I didn’t seem to want to take anyone’s side in an argument. Her words cut me deeply but not in a painful aspect, more in the sense I wanted to understand why she viewed me in that way. At the time it made me feel as though I was “weak” and wouldn’t take a position. This was many years ago and in that time both her and myself gave ourselves to Christ.

We have not had that type of conversation since but her words still haunt me. I wonder about them in metaphorical aspects. Am I a “peace maker” or a “coward” so to speak? It may be shocking to others that a person would be so blatantly honest in looking at the “inner man” but isn’t it time to let go of the shadows which try to keep us captive? I even have a family member whom I drive crazy because he can’t understand my continual search for truth and the confession at how this can change with our experience.

One of the areas that he misunderstands is my changing face. What does that look like? Humble. How many of us can admit the mistakes of our youth?

Ps 25:9

He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.

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