Schools Shifting Balance

The roads are starting to back up around local neighborhoods, which means mom and dad are carpooling for the kids who are in school again. As an adult I can honestly say I remember what it’s like to be fearful of meeting classmates for the first time. My first day of kindergarten was so traumatic I have never forgotten it. I can remember crying for a long time as a teacher, whose face is now a blur, tried to help me find the box with my name on it. Since I didn’t yet know the alphabet, this took a while. I still get nervous around groups of people I don’t know, I suppose that is a good reminder for what our children face at this time of year.

I was thinking about loving parents and the desire we have to desperately want to protect our young There are the other kind of parents too. The one’s who are eager to drop of their disciplinary blunders for the chance of having a free babysitter for some hours in the day. When such worlds collide it makes for quite the social soup don’t it?

How does the caring parent really protect their own child without judging another’s? With the rise in “home schooling” you have to wonder at the balance being offered in our classrooms. I have no answers to this dilemma, only questions.

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