Organization A Must

My husband has been working overtime the last couple of days to groom our yard and fix those “things” needing attention around our house. I was quite pleased about this since our “built in” sprinklers work again. We have a habit of mowing them down on a regular basis. I’m sure this is to dull the blades on our mower so no real harm can be done to the thicker weeds.

With all the extra activity I am sensing some guilt attacks. I can hear a voice saying, “So what are you doing?” As I enter my driveway and pull up in front of my garage I keep seeing that big white door taunt me. It’s been so long since we opened it I fear what would roll out if we did.

Time for some loving tender care on my part. Besides being good for our home it would release me from being tormented by that voice dripping with self-righteousness. Yep, tomorrow I will have a new plan. My body will don a pair of those perfectly folded sweats I have been saving for future strenuous exercise and I will take a field trip into the unknown, otherwise known as my garage.

Even thinking about it now makes me feel pro-active. I like organization for sure. Speaking of organization, perhaps it would be best to have a game plan before I tackle the actual project? It would be a shame to start clearing the shelves without knowing where I plan on putting everything. I wouldn’t want to make a mess of the mess. I know……I will come home tomorrow and write out what I am going to do. That’s organized!

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