A Changing Season

Well it’s moving toward the end of August and I keep hearing all my friends and co-workers talk about their kids going back to school. For myself, I have recently ended a class that kept my attention for the last seven plus months. Isn’t it funny how we want to reach a goal and yet when we do, there is that momentary pause where you wonder, “What’s next?” I’d love to be in that category of people who just know what they are supposed to do; but I’m not.

As I take time to rest and relax, my mind is also wondering, “Where do I go from here?” Now this is more than just figurative. I have noticed my job is changing, my personal life is changing and my mindset is definitely changing. Add to that my husband’s changing life too makes for some interesting conversations. Faith in what our Father has in store for us keeps our sanity level in one piece, otherwise we would have been impulsive and bought a boat this weekend to live the perpetual life of “no boundaries” to shuck our responsibilities.

With the inevitable ending of summer days we must once more prepare ourselves for the changing season. How does one prepare for something if you don’t know what’s coming? Well, all we can do is what we already know how. We will clear the gutters of old leaves and gunk that would stop up the flow of water in coming rains. We will clean up around the outer part of our house, especially near the foundations where bugs or rats might want to seek refuge. We will cleanse the inside of our home for comfort when we cannot be outdoors because of weather. It may seem a bit early for this preparation but we like to live ready.

Ecc 3:1 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven

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