An Otter’s Perspective

We have friends who live right next to the river and it’s breathtaking to watch all that fast moving water flow by. I wanted to sleep in this morning but the opportunity to see the sunrise was something I had to take advantage of. As I sat outside listening to the birds sing I felt such tremendous peace while I watched the water. I wanted to stay there as long as possible. Our own home does not afford this type of view and it wasn’t to be dismissed too quickly. I think it’s important to open our eyes and recognize beautiful moments.

While my gaze was focused on this scene, up out of the water popped a head and then the full body of an otter. He just floated along with the current looking as though he had no cares in this world. I think we could take a hint from this small creature. Instead of constantly striving so hard to make things happen we should just relax some and enjoy the life around us.

Psalm 116:7 Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

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