“One” Is The Loneliest Number

One is the “loneliest” number, so why do so many people strive to be associated with that digit? We keep looking for first, independent, solo, a ‘man apart’? Why are we looking to these personality traits? Are we asking the so called ‘man apart’ if he’s truly happy or are we just admiring his position in the spotlight?

It Is Not Just Another Day

It is a Thursday and for most of us we have to work. Many would say this is just another day. I would say differently! No matter what your beliefs about eternity, one thing is 100% guaranteed for all of us equally….we are going to die! Not a comfortable topic as our own mortality can be scary simply because we ourselves have “no control” over the matter.

Since I have “no control” I want to take full advantage of this precious gift of life. Life can be big though. One’s mind starts to drift toward the great things you want to accomplish, things you want to do, places you want to see, perhaps people you desire to meet. A sense of overwhelming choices can take you off-track and make you a dreamer rather than a doer.

I have an anxious personality trait. Not in the sense I have anxiety but rather I don’t like to sit around and talk about something, I want to do the something being talked about. I am anxious to get busy about life. I can’t wait until I am rich, I can’t wait until my house is paid for, I can’t wait until I don’t have to work anymore, I can’t wait until the children are grown. Waiting is a delaying tactic and I recognize that. Waiting can be an excuse not to live.

This Thursday is not just another day, it is a gift to be opened and enjoyed. I am excited for what the day will bring but also what I myself can bring to it.

Good Actions

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Plato

Ancient philosophy, but truth is never out of style, no matter who is quoted.

Rose Of A Different Color

My front yard is rather simple but has a sizable tree that gives great shade, despite the tree gestapo (see article from May 29th for the inside joke there). Off to one side is a rose bush that seems a bit out of place and in years past we tried to mow it down thinking it was dead until eventually we let it be. Every year it keeps getting bigger and I have to admit it looks more beautiful each year.

This bush has produced red roses over the years but this spring something odd happened; it sprouted one yellow rose. I called my husband out into the yard to behold this wonder with me. Of course being a writer, poetic prose tumbled out of my mouth, “isn’t that weird?” Hey, we don’t always speak the way we write!

It took a long time to draw my eyes away from this odd colored flower. My attention was captivated by this different flower and I made a mental note. Changes are happening all around us but will we have our eyes open to see them?

Power Food

“If you think the power comes from you, you make a great mistake.” Smith Wigglesworth