The Matrix Technobabble, “The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?”

“The Matrix” movie is an artistic commentary on our lives and if we open our eyes we can see the parallels for whether or not we will believe there to be more.

It had been years since I watched this movie and I was quite intrigued to have watched it again about six months ago with new eyes. I found myself enjoying it in a way as never before and I couldn’t resist writing down some notes on index cards without any foreknowledge of what I’d do with them or who I’d share them with. Once more I find myself jumping off a cliff of solid footing into the great unknown!

In the story a man is living in a seemingly normal world and yet his spirit is restless, knowing there has to be more than this life he is living. He begins to search out a mythical character online whose name he only knows as Morpheus. After having a dream wherein he is told to follow the rabbit, he is awakened to a knock at his door. Seeing a rabbit tattoo, he follows this group of people into the night and meets up with someone claiming they too have been looking for him, and confirming the hope there is certainly more to this life than what he can see with his natural eyes.

The rest of the movie was pointed in its context of choices, to either believe or not believe. Our man is eventually lured into a room with the mythical character Morpheus who offers him this choice in the form of “the blue pill or the red pill”. One would awaken him to reality and the other would leave him behind in the pseudo reality of materialism and fleshly desires.

Our man chooses to believe and this is where his life is turned upside down. Instead of being transported into a life of luxury he is shown a life of suffering for the greater good of helping those of Zion reclaim the world now lost to them. His mates are seemingly good people and Morpheus takes on the role of teacher, showing the man that his power is not in his flesh but inward, in what he believes to be real. Although the man wants to believe this, he has trouble overcoming his doubt, and many times throughout the remainder of the story this dual mindedness hinders his progress.

The crew aboard the ship “Nebuchadnezzar” continues to fight off other ships known as “searchers” whose only role seems to be to kill, steal and destroy. The man’s girlfriend on the ship is named Trinity and she helps him grow in confidence, standing beside him through every battle. She is both tough and tender in her role. As he visits the oracle or what we would think of as a prophet who guides him on the path of this journey, he really isn’t sure of his role until he realizes just what it is the Sentients have in mind for his teacher Morpheus.

The Sentients are intriguing characters who continually show up throughout the story, intent upon keeping anyone from realizing there to be a reality beyond the world they have control over. They have the power to be anyone and no one. Possession of one’s body is a common tool for their work.

A crew member Cypher has grown weary of battle and acts like Judas giving up the teacher Morpheus with an assurance he would have no more awareness of the promised life ever again. After capturing Morpheus, the Sentient named Smith has but one desire. In starting his conversation he speaks of a revelation; he longs to break free from this prison (pseudo-world) and it’s interesting that he mentions its smell. (Testimonies of those who have been given revelation of hell talk of a stench beyond comprehension.) Morpheus is ready to give up his life for the good of his crew but they finally accept the power within themselves and choose in turn to give up their own lives in order to save Morpheus.

The resulting battles waged are truly ones to give us eyes for seeing good versus evil and how each angel of light or darkness vie for our very souls. My question is will you choose “the blue pill or the red pill”?

Here are some more interesting insights to the characters and names used in the movie called “The Matrix”.

Underbird & Light Of Hope

Under the weather! A term we often hear when one isn’t well and thanks to a viral infection I am rendered mute in voice for a day or so. I took the day off of work so my body could heal more quickly by resting but I had also made a doctor’s appointment to be sure it wasn’t too serious.

Sitting in the waiting room and later in that smaller room with the plastic bed covered in a thin layer of paper, I couldn’t help but wonder about all the many people who stream in and out of these rooms with their infirmities. A curiosity came over me; how many people walked into this office thinking they only had a minor illness to be told it was something life threatening? Who or what do they turn to in order to cope?

While my doctor sat in front of me inputting a prescription for cough medicine, I found myself looking at him with new eyes. He had given himself to years of education and long hours only to sit here with me and try his best to heal what ailed me. My mind is taken back to the physician who created us all and how we might all be healed and comforted if we but ask.

In this moment I feel like the bird flying under the weather of many problems, protected from on high. Even during those times when I hit a storm cloud I can still see the light of hope.

Heart Of Flesh

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

Ezek 36:26

Magic Eight Ball Has “No Clue”

I am sorry for those who lack hope. They turn toward empty endeavors to find their happiness. Many put their aspirations in material possessions such as homes, cars and jobs to give them a sense of security. Others bury themselves in hobbies or relationships with other people. None of these things are necessarily wrong to have, just pointless if we seek our happiness in them.

Time and again I come face to face with those looking for something they can’t define. Of course I hear the typical dismissive tones when my faith is discussed. Things like, “if that works for you” as though it’s some kind of magic eight ball I shake up for my answers to life.

Believing in Jesus did not bring ease to my life, quite the opposite. My life was turned upside down. Everything I had accepted as normal was a lie. The more I gave to my Lord the more he wanted from me and the biggest possession being asked for is my heart. This goes against a logical mindset and every day I am forced to make a leap of faith, letting go of what’s in my hand right now for the promise of something better tomorrow and eternally.

My heart breaks for those who continue to look for more in this life and yet casually dismiss the offer of salvation in Jesus. I may struggle with letting go of my logical thoughts but I don’t waiver one bit in knowing what I believe by faith.
“G. K. Chesterson summed up this counterpoint well when he suggested that when belief in God becomes difficult, the tendency is to turn away from him—but in heaven’s name to what?” As quoted by Ravi Zacharias, Beyond Opinion

Who Was That Masked Woman?

“You’ve changed!” Clearly it was an accusation and I accepted the truth as spoken. A loved one dear to me was hurt and yet I couldn’t fathom how to comfort him except to hear him out and just be in love with his heart despite its anguish.

It raised a question and I must confess in that hour I had no answer. I had prayed for so very long for a changed heart; one that wasn’t filled with selfish and personal lusts, both in flesh and materialism. I prayed I could be different, seen in a new light, flaming brightly; a light of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and although not my favorite, even self-controlled.

I had loathed my bad behavior of old and to realize someone I loved longed for the “old” me was a surprise. I asked more questions to find out what it was that was missed. Listening closely I realized it’s not the old nature that is really missed so much as the new nature needing to be understood. This will take time and work beyond anything I can accomplish in myself so I will be in the waiting place.

This conversation had me reflecting upon myself, now and past. When I was younger I can remember thinking I was a depressed and introverted personality. To be outgoing and joyous was great, but as soon as I was alone darkness crawled back in and I felt like a fraud. I started to think of myself as the masked woman who wore one face in public and quite another when I was alone. As I mature, I am awakening to the real truth. It was never the depressed girl that was real; she was simply the prisoner of circumstances, hurts and a wounded soul. Once the mask of darkness was removed, my joyous light could be seen by all.

Changes no longer seem fearful however lack of change is death to me. I cannot put on the mask of old again, it just doesn’t fit anymore.

2 Cor 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

A Father’s Heart

Hands Holding The HeartAnd the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart

Lyrics by Rush

I absolutely loved this song throughout the years but I awoke this morning with it ringing in my head. Father’s Day is a public acknowledgment for our earthly fathers and these words now had a more personal meaning.

It’s not our political leaders, athlete superstars, hip hop artists or movie stars who can most greatly impact a nation. It’s the grass roots approach of one man at a time; one father at a time. Whether he is raising a single child or a full on tribe, his influence is what can make the future generation stand tall.

Kirk Franklin recently sings a song that says “it takes a whole nation to raise a generation” and I would agree. I am looking to see fathers recognize their opportunity to change a nation’s generation by bringing them closer to the heart.


What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.

C.S. Lewis

Precious Things Become Common

I have a bookmark on my desk I use now and again because it has reminders printed on it. One of them jumped out at me this morning.

“Don’t allow precious things to become common.”

I wondered if the precious things in my life have become common and I realize indeed some have. I feel an urgency this morning to call someone special in my life and find out how they are doing. It’s too easy to say to myself, “I’ll call them next week”. Today is precious though so I will choose not to treat it like a common day and see what happens.

Fence Dancing In Grace

Fence dwelling is not for the stubborn or opinionated personality. I try to be teachable in my spirit which is not to say I back away from truth. It’s a constant balancing act.

The world is vying for my “soulish” nature which desires to make choices. My soul wants to just get along and my soul wants to be confrontational and tell others they are wrong if they don’t believe exactly what I do. Either choice can bring me obstacles or temptations.

My spirit is in alignment with the truth; it is the fence line laid out before me. I dance the dance of grace.