Gambling Addiction

Are you a gambler? By nature we all tend to bet on something or another, whether it be harmless outcomes of movies or the more common outcomes for sporting events. Whether or not you put your money down is a personal matter but I like to keep mine in my pocket, being satisfied if I merely chose a winner.

Curiosity about life and how people approach it makes me wonder at why we gamble with the greater things. Our very lives, those of our children and even our friends. This curiosity has been making me ask even more questions the last couple of days. On the medical side of life many of those we love and care about are sick and will spend every dime they have trying to be healed by doctors. Some of these friends have life-threatening illnesses.

For those who have faith I find myself in wonder at why some will not gamble on God’s healing power as a gift to us? Perhaps it is lack of belief or maybe it’s something deeper. Would we want to be seen by our friends and family having a complete stranger with no medical background lay hands upon us and pray? I suppose society has stigmatized real miracles to their own detriment.

I am addicted to my gambling however. To outside eyes I am living my life as a gamble that Jesus is truth and if I gamble on him being truth than I accept he is the same yesterday today and forever. I believe he is still healing and instilling this gift in the body of Christ. Sometimes going forward for something new means leaving something old behind. For myself that’s usually shyness and pride.

Gambling on the chance there is no God and hell does not exist seems like a losing bet to me and surely one without hope. My own gambling addiction makes this life fun to live as I look forward to the beyond.

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