Edge Of The Ocean

She was the last girl to wander the edge of the ocean. Many things she saw and admired; wonderment lighting up her face. Feeling the sand squish between her toes; the soft underside of her feet would feel no jagged edges of rock; no prick of a thistle; no burn from a sun’s heat, as long as she never wandered far from the wet, soft sand. Looking behind her she could see footprints momentarily sustain shape before lapping water elongated them, until finally they blended back into specks of mere possibilities.

Breaking surfs provided an orchestra of sound. A tempo changing just slightly with deep, drumming throngs, and light tremolos of echoing waves bouncing against distant rocks. With eyes closed she stuck out her tongue to taste the sea’s salty mist. Breathing in deeply she inhaled the freshest air she had ever known. Overwhelmed within her senses she delighted in a security of happiness. Nothing of an outer world could touch her here. Her dance was innocent; a promise of enjoyment for everything she saw before her. Skipping just along the wave’s outer edges, she watched as each of her footsteps pushed the water out from under her weighted footprint, feeling a simplistic joy at how her existence was enough to change the smallest grain of sand. Maturely recognizing this epiphany, she smiled knowingly, understanding how she could make a difference in this world.

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