Prince Caspian

The new Narnia movie “Prince Caspian” was interesting to me and held some surprises. I have not read the Narnia Chronicles in many years so my memory is dim about the details. The fighting and death at first seemed too much but then I am reminded, why should we try to hide these things from our children? They see it on a regular basis just flipping through television channels.
I enjoyed the truthfulness of how this movie was presented. The heroes seem less then perfect and question their own belief. What was truth in the past should still be true today but circumstances are different so their focus wavers as they look for things to be as they once were. Dealing with change is not easy and this is portrayed well in the elder brother Peter’s character as he retreats into moments of surly anger.
Overall even the battle scenes were portrayed well. The confidence shown by these characters to know they must fight regardless of not being sure when Aslan may come is a wonderful insight of ourselves. Standing strong in the face of the enemy is not a choice it’s an absolute certainty of what we have to do. Not letting themselves be frightened at the overwhelming numbers of the enemy was a stellar point to be made and was well done in this movie. Even the ending was a teaching opportunity, to not be frightened of what the future has in store even as we know changes are coming.

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