A Note From Airman Davis

From Our Armed Forces

I made a choice in posting this note, not for recognition of sending anything out, but for a very important cause to draw attention to our fellow Americans. It is inspiring to know there are still so many men and women who make the choice to give up their own freedom temporarily to follow orders so that we may continue to live in freedom. May we never forget the costs to personal individuals and their families!

Perhaps you cannot send a care package but a letter would be just as welcomed or maybe a newspaper. Even better would be to let your voice be heard that you appreciate what our troops do for us daily. Let’s see more printed copy of how we are in favor of these men and women instead of reading only about the minority opinion getting all the headlines with their critiques.

How many would agree it’s easy to second guess how our country should be run by armchair politicians who won’t even get off their duff to vote? Better still, what would you say to the thug who carries a pistol in his waistband to prove he’s a gang banger and yet has no guts to serve a tour of duty?

Justice is not blind and the righteous will be given their due. What side will you be on when the books are opened?

If you would like to write to a soldier please visit the following website address:


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