Image Is Everything!

Image is everything! Yeah baby, we are all putting on the ritz to some degree or another aren’t we? If you’re not, then “congratulations”, perfection has been attained and you need not read on another second. For the rest of us, let’s have a private pow wow about the topic of image. Who do you see in your mirror?

This is a “hot topic” for sure and not many can (or will) be honest about it. I have gorgeous friends who see flaws in themselves that I don’t see when looking at them. Women typically have issues with body image but this is no surprise considering the bombardment that is put up against them to look like others. Men? Well, I can’t even swim in those deep (and in some cases shallow) waters.

I get aggravated to the degree my passion becomes fired when I see the young girls in our culture turned into miniature drones of the latest pop star or movie artist whose life is “least likely to succeed” in the long run of healthy living.

Let me pose a beautiful question for all to ponder. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see a little girl again? Do you remember them? They used to be fine with snapping their gum while giggling and trying to blow the biggest bubble. Ponytails were “in style” and cheap tennis shoes got them where they needed to go. What a lovely thing to see them just dance with joy and not mimic some “stripper’s act” from the latest MTV video.

I am looking to see a new image. I long to see young girls be original and comfortable in their own skin. Would it hurt to turn off MTV or would it heal?

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