Needing Rage

“I need some rage!” A friend of ours recently said that in a conversation we were having about music and something in that chat struck me. She was talking about the music we use to get us rolling in the morning while we drink our coffee and lower the window for some chilled air, hoping for an awakening of our mind and bodies.

I had to go back and refresh myself on the word rage. The dictionary defined rage as, “violent anger, furious intensity, burning intensity or passion.” It dawned on me that rage literally was an expression of frustration. (Your heart is the wellspring of life – Pr 4:23) I understood the rage our friend spoke of. I have to live in a fallen world amongst fallen comrades who suffer the same afflictions as me. How could one not feel rage?

Disappointment, stress, pain and any other given pressure cooker item drives us into our responses. Today my thoughts focused on something interesting in the definition about rage. “Burning intensity and passion.” I recognized something deeper and special. I see my friend as a potential fire, ready to be lit. Once that rage is loosed to be expressed in “passion burning with intensity”, I get chills knowing the path will blaze brightly. I would imagine my friend as a literal “Firestarter” referencing an old Stephen King movie about a young girl who could telekinetically light fires in her “rage”.

With this thought in mind I would agree with my dear friend, she needs some “rage!”

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