Resistance Is Futile!

Bobby, who you will all come to know as “husband unit” or some other sickeningly affectionate name is a science fiction fan. What this has meant to my own life is time spent watching “B” grade movies and collecting most every “Star Trek” episode known to exist. Now mind you I don’t hate it but there were some episodes I simply wanted to take back from the “time thief”. (I’ve often felt those scripts were written by lesser talents not gifted with any vision!)

Of the more inventive Star Trek episodes were those dedicated to “the Borg”. I won’t bore you with details other than to say they were like parasitic creatures that consumed all creativity and individuality until you were conformed into some mindless zombie that only sought to destroy or make others like them called, “the collective”.

Today’s environment seems an awful like that. We seek to be like the stars on the magazine covers or the hip hop artists we emulate with all of our being until nothing original exists. On the other side of that thought is how when someone really is original they are either persecuted for their non-conforming speech or else they are hounded to be pigeon-holed into a box others can relate to and duplicated until they themselves are no longer original or relevant.

Society would have us believe “Resistance Is Futile”. We should buy what is sold, watch what is popular, listen to what is conforming and give up all dreams to be ourselves. When was the last time you watched one of those “entertainment” shows where they weren’t selling you someone else’s idea of who you should be like?

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